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How We Made A House, Our Perfect Home: Part 1

Jan 10

When I think back, it probably all started with a phone call from our friend about 5 years ago, “Hey, will you come on The Block with me”.  To keep this post as G rated as possible, I won’t describe Clint’s reaction, apart from it being a resounding “NO”.   Ever since then, I had watched any type of renovation show including The Block, for ideas for when the time came for Clint and I to be in a position to turn our little house into our perfect home.   Fast forward to March 2017 and we were ready.  Well, not really ready, but willing to try.

Those who know Clint and I, know that we aren’t scared of hard work, but I wouldn’t exactly call either of us “skilled” when it comes to work around the house.  Sure, I can clean and he can cook like a master, but if something breaks or we have an idea to change something, we would normally call either my brother Ashley or my Dad for planning and execution!  Plus in true Karen & Clint fashion, we decided to renovate our whole house internally as part of the one project.  Perhaps in hindsight, this wasn’t the best choice!

In this three part blog series, I’ll be sharing our highs, our lows and the tips we discovered over the 6 month process of turning our house into our perfect home.    Starting off with the highs, our first home purchase all the way back in May 2006, and the inspection with my Dad to reaffirm the potential of the ugly duckling!  We spent a full 5 years settling in before even attempting anything.  In 2012, our first big goal was to transform our small unusable backyard into something that resembled functional space!  Thankfully we had a host of great family and friends who helped us out.  Massive thanks to my brother for the planning, prep work and general project management, ensuring that we finished with a solid structure that no one will fall through.  Plus we think it looks great too!  Also my parents for their labouring and our great mate, Nugget who is responsible for this whole project anyway, with his silly Block question initially!

The top tip from the 2012 deck project is once you’ve worked out your timeline, multiply the expected length by 3!  It turns out there are some days/weekends, when you just can’t bare to face any more manual labour!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon – Living with Demolition!

PS – Please excuse the standard of these dodgy phone images!  Remember, 2006 was a long time ago!


Look at how stunning those floor tiles are!  Urgh!

Yep, that bench top is orange!

Clint on the tools (please note the supervision!)

Axle certified!  Job complete!

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