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Karen & Clint, Our Story

Jan 19

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine.  Imagine knowing that your husband (who happens to be an awesome one at that!) is the kind of guy who will do anything for you.  No matter what.  Even if it means that he’ll be working 7 days a week, for you to have your dream career.  The kind of guy who is a marketing genius, can be sensitive, is brutally honest, and who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat, even just by looking at you.   He’s great at easing your load, putting things into perspective and is a natural leader.    Many times I’ve tried to choose the best words to describe this incredible man, but on a holiday last year, in the space of just 2 days, I realised we had come across the three perfect people/positions to describe Clint.   He was “sorted” on a tour of Hogwarts and was made a “Slytherin” (it’s Harry Potter people! I know my Mum and Dad will read this and won’t know what this is!!).  A Slytherin, combined with Sideshow Bob (in the funny way), and finally the big guy, The President!  He’s the perfect combination!

During the trip, while in Las Vegas for WPPI (the worlds largest photography convention) we had plenty of time for reflection of our achievements and how we wanted our future to look.  Sitting by the pool one morning, we played “What If”.  What if we shot more than just weddings, what if we didn’t shoot any weddings, what if we bought on an assistant as 2nd photographer, what if Clint didn’t shoot at all anymore?  The list went on and on.  Until we came to the realisation that we both loved shooting weddings.  Sure, it’s tough on Clint to work 7 days, but we were sure there were things we could do to offset his heavy load.    One of things that wasn’t sitting right with me though, was that the business was in my name.  From inception, Clint had always been a pivotal part of our business, and I could tell that our couples and our friends in the industry loved being around him (his ego is soon to be out of control if I keep giving him all these compliments).  And so, on a cool, 2017 winters day in Las Vegas, the concept of Karen & Clint was born.

It’s taken us all of those 10 months in between to hash out all the small details, while working with our incredible designer, Jeffrey from J.Shipley Creative, to bring our vision to life.  Without a doubt, working with Jeff has been the best investment we’ve made in our business, and has helped set us up for the future.  We’re over the moon with how he has interpreted our goals, and the ‘feeling” of our business and are totally in love with our new branding.

So, what does this mean for us on a day to day basis?  The main thing will be that we will be taking on less weddings.  Getting to know our couples and connecting with them has been one of the best surprises of being a business owner.    We’re aiming to step our interaction and service up another notch, and to do so means that we need to stay boutique.  Therefore as of 2018 we will be accepting only 20 booking per year. We’re a small, intimate business, that focuses on service.

Don’t be sad though, Karen Gilvear Photography has not folded!  We’re keeping it alive, and I’ll soon be relaunching with a focus on family & anniversary sessions, newborns in a lifestyle setting and some commercial work.    We’re incredibly excited about what the future holds, and are truly thankful for all the beautiful couples we’ve met and all the industry professionals we’ve worked with along the journey so far.  Thank you doesn’t sound like a big enough word, but honestly, thank you you all.

He’s a Slytherin!

The President – Clint Gilvear!

Ideas are flowing

Jeffrey is a star!  Love our new look!

This is us – Karen & Clint!

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