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Behind The Scenes | 2018 Expo Build

Feb 20

Over the past 4 years, we’ve been hitting up quite a few wedding expos, and to say that we’ve learnt a lot would be an understatement.   As our business has grown, so have our stand concepts.  In all honesty, expos are exhausting.  Apart from the fact that we are talking non stop for an average 5 hours, there’s the set up and pack down that really takes it out of us.  As 2017 drew to a close, we were dreaming of set up for 2018 that was light, looked awesome with our new branding and displayed our work perfectly.  I took a few months to perfect the concept, and then sat down with our builders (aka Mum and Dad!).  Mum and Dad have built every one of our stands, and to say that they do an exception job is an understatement.  Both Clint and I are quite visual people, and need to see things first to fully understand how it work work and look.  I’ve no doubt this is a bit frustrating for Mum and Dad, but I threw them the credit card and asked them to “just build it”.   In reality, that means trusting them entirely to do their thing with a few clarifications along the way.

Mum is definitely the planner and researcher of the two.  I have no idea how she does it but she always comes back to us with about 3 options for every element of the design.  In standard Karen & Clint fashion, we shrug our shoulders and say whatever you think is best.   Once the plan is down, Dad hit’s his straps.  He’s like a pig in mud when it comes to building these things.  A few hours here and there, tinkering in his man shed (with Mum supervising, of course), and voila!  The creation is complete!

The first test run for the year was at “Love A Fair” in Bowral in January.  On a stinking hot day, we were silently thanking our team for creating the perfect stand.  It is so light that it can be carried by one person in custom made bags (you’re the best Mum!), and only requires 2 trips to the car for the extras.  We were loving it all on set up, and then by pack down, my parents were basically gods!

Thank you Mum and Dad for being the perfect behind the scenes support for us, we definitely couldn’t do it without you!  Thanks also to the beautiful Lauren from Clementine & Rose for the stunning floral creations and to Kate from Atkins Pro Lab for custom making our perfect images!

At this stage we’re exhibiting another 4 times this year, so check back on our social feeds to find out where and when, we’d love to see you!


Man Cave with supervision of course!

First test run!

Um, Clint???  Even Axle isn’t sure what you’re doing!

Beautiful Emma on display!

Lauren from Clementine & Rose smashed out the florals!

Albums & Thank You Cards!

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