karen & clint

"You will never meet someone so intensely committed to the happiness of other people.  It will forever be what I love in Kaz.  She has this way of calming people; I see how people gravitate toward her and I believe it's how we manage to capture unbelievable moments with our brides and grooms.

Plus it doesn't hurt the woman is brilliantly talented.  She'll cringe if I call it her 'passion', so I'll instead say photography is more an extension of her identity - she craves self-development and pushing her skillset, always learning and always challenging herself for the greatest outcomes"


 About Karen  |  Through Clint's Eyes

 About Clint  |  Through Karen's Eyes

"I thought for a long time how I would ever possibly write words to do Clint justice - until it came to me: a kaleidoscope.  Clint has countless, colourful pieces of creativity, genius and perspective.  His mind moves just like the turn of the periscope where he sees an angle or vision otherwise unthought-of, and turns it into something beautiful (And, just like the kaleidoscope's shape, no two days with Clint are ever the same!)

More than his talent and marketing genius, it's who Clint is with me that makes us, us.  Clint is my right-hand man, my greatest supporter and my pacifier.  He knows exactly how to pull the best from me - and everyone around him - to lift to a new level"

to capture the emotions of your day,
using our experience and dedication to detail,

our promise to you is simple:

to ensure your story resonates with you for a lifetime.

Oh, it's so much more than once upon a time.....

We know every person, every couple and every milestone has a significant (and unique) story at it's core. We love the art of storytelling; to draw back the curtains and let the camera reveal your very own tale.

We're so grateful for the talents at 'Love Storm Films' for creating this incredible behind-the-scenes mini-film.  no matter what is happening in front of the lens - whether it's pelting rain or miracle lightning - there is nothing more important to us than ensuring you're focussed on nothing but the magic at hand (take a peek, we can manage the rest!).


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Moments of explosive love and imcomparable happiness can happen in a heartbeat: the awe in his eyes as you appear down the aisle, the pride that shows in your father's smile; the smirk of possibility in your grin.  This is one of the reasons we started our business.

Looking back at the love on my Mum's face at my own wedding, brings me to tears every time.  These moments happen in a heartbeat and - whether we realise it or not - too many happen in a heartbeat we don't even see.  We believe in embracing these moments, living full and large!

we believe in unseen moments


Sometimes it takes the grander moments in life for us to appreciate the most precious of all. This is one of my favourite shots of my parents and reminds me exactly why we love the way we do.

Clint, Mum, Dad and I were out for a walk on Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, one of our favourite places, reminiscing about our own wedding day.  While you can't see their faces, this is part of the reason I love it so much. I will never forget what it felt to be on the beach with them that day - the laughs, the effortless comfort and candid ease that make a family your family.

We believe in
the irreplaceable


Exploration, adventure, immersion. Our relentlessness to pursue the back alleys and the crooked roads has been the birthplace of our creativity.  We stretch our limits to capture the heart of the moments, from cities, to new faces and the most sacred of memories.

We love to travel.


Our third wheel and four-legged-friend is our number one love.  Axle is our fur baby and presidential prince - a little too adventurous for his own good and demanding of affection, but loyal beyond belief with humour to match !

We love Axle


The cupid of sports!  Golf is the shared love that brought us together - tragic plaid and all!  We met on the course as youngsters and it continues to be a cherished space for us to rejuvenate and reconnect.  Thankfully our competitive streaks serve us wonders in the world of photography...  less so on the fairway. 

We love golf